The 12th chair
the people’s seat of power

Over the course of South African history, we have witnessed that a mobilised people is the source of the most potent kind of power, the people’s power.

The Constitutional Court has 11 chairs for its 11 judges. The Constitution Hill Trust called on the people to submit creative designs for a 12th Chair – a chair for the people, custodians of the Constitution.

We encouraged designs that re-imagined and reinvented the aesthetics of power and envisioned a chair in which all people will feel comfortable and empowered. Out of 90 submissions, the judges selected the top six designs.

Campaign video

The six finalists

Together with the people, our jury selected a winner and here it is:

The winning design

“What a powerful, simple, meaningful symbolism it is. A rock is something that comes from the earth, that is created over the centuries. It represents a solid wisdom that will be capable of anyone coming there and feeling, ‘I am a person, I have my dignity, I have my right to speak’.”

– Justice Albie Sachs
on behalf of the jurors of the competition.