With your help, the Constitution Hill Trust can realise the vision to build trust in our constitutional democracy. By supporting us, you’ll also be acknowledging the immense sacrifices that have been made by countless South Africans in the struggle for human rights.

Hope is contagious. Every action matters.

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Your support will fuel our mission to:

Record the experiences of people like Joel Netshitenze who went into exile to fight for freedom, was trained as a soldier, became a writer, became an MP in our first democratic Parliament and played a key role in drafting the inspiring Preamble to the Constitution.

Gather the documents of people like Yvonne Mokgoro, who was locked up for her anti-apartheid activities, represented by Robert Sobukwe and studied law against the odds. She became the first black woman to serve on the Constitutional Court.

Preserve precious objects such as Mmagauta Molefe’s dress which had a secret hem sewn into it in order to carry materials across the border to the ANC-in-exile.

Build a physical museum and archive that will become the home of the movement and will make sure that we work together to tell our history.

We the People encourages everyone to know and understand our Constitution and to fight for the values that it enshrines by joining our events and campaigns.